Our promise...

Yellow Express has put its money where its mouth is. You want fast delivery...actually you expect it. We know we are the fastest in town so we offer you our 3 hour guarantee.

3 or free deal

As an account holder if we can not get your ‘standard courier’ job, booked online, from booking to delivery in 3 hours or less that job will be FREE! Put us to the test, you will not be disappointed!

OK so the terms and conditions are…

Yellow Express agrees to deliver your parcel in three (3) hours or less from time of booking to time of delivery, or else that job will be free, based on the following terms;

  1. Available to account customers of Yellow Express only. To apply for an account please click here;
  2. Applies to ‘Standard Delivery’ (STD) time based jobs;
  3. Applies to ‘Courier’ (COUR) based jobs;
  4. Available on online bookings only, available through;
  5. Applies to jobs of one (1) item of a maximum size of an A4 box and a maximum weight of 25kg or less;
  6. Applies to ‘ready now’ and ‘advanced bookings’;
  7. Advanced bookings are timed from time of pick up to time of delivery, rather than time of booking;
  8. Available only from Monday to Friday picked up between 7:30am to 3pm each working week day;
  9. From one pick up address to one delivery address in no more than a ten kilometre (10km) radius from the pickup location;
  10. Applies to jobs picked up and delivered in the twenty five (25) kilometre radius from the Sydney General Post Office (GPO) – a full list of suburbs this encompasses can be provided on request;
  11. A job is deemed to be delivered once driver arrives at the destination given by the consignor regardless if anyone is available to receive the items or not;
  12. The three (3) hours includes five (5) minutes loading time and five (5) minutes unloading time, any extension of loading or unloading time causing time to go past three (3) hours will void the offer;
  13. Job must be ready on pickup;
  14. Online booking must include the complete and correct full addresses and details including correct item descriptions. Errors in addresses and details causing the job to run overtime will void the offer;
  15. Does not apply to ‘Fleet Tech’ or permanent booking customers;
  16. This offer will not apply if major traffic delays are encountered due to major road works, road closures, accidents, major traffic jams, inclement weather, riots, protests, war, acts of terrorism and acts of God;
  17. The offer applies on a per job basis and is non transferrable;
  18. It is responsibility of the customer to notify Yellow Express the delivery has run overtime within 48 hours of the delivery of the job;
  19. Upon agreeing the job has gone over three (3) hours, Yellow Express will zero (0) price the job;
  20. The commencement of construction of the Sydney Light Rail Project involving the CBD and South East Service has caused significant changes to traffic in Sydney’s Central Business district. These changes include major disruption to delivery access for vehicles. As such, there may be delays to any jobs that involve pickup or delivery to the 2000 postcode. This postcode encompasses the areas including The Rocks, Darling Harbour, Dawes Point, Haymarket, Millers Point, Sydney, Sydney South, Barangaroo and Wynyard. Because of these changes any deliveries to or from these locations will no longer qualify for the “3 or Free” deal;
  21. Yellow Express reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions from time to time and will publish any new conditions on its website without notice.