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What you might not know

Cost of running your own vehicle for a year

Category Expense Cost
Cost of vehicle Repayments $11,460
Cost of vehicle Signage $3,300
Running vehicle Fuel $8,300
Running vehicle Rego & Green  Slip $816
Running vehicle Insurance $3,120
Running vehicle Service, maintenance, parts $1,350
Employee Base salary $34,440
Employee Superannuation $3,099
Employee Payroll tax $3,952
Employee Workers compensation $3,857
Admin costs Miscellaneous $4,813
Communications Mobile phone $1,788
Total annual cost $80,295
Per hour cost $41.82 / hr

How much time and money are you really spending managing your fleet?

Dealing with human resources logistics is a delicate and time consuming exercise. Searching for and training the perfect recruit, complying with PAYG obligations, resolving Workers’ Compensation issues, industrial disputes and strikes and juggling staff holidays and sick leave can easily transform into a logistical nightmare.

And let’s not forget the costs associated with vehicle depreciation, maintenance, registration and running costs. Or staff salaries, superannuation, insurance, payroll tax and mobile bills. Or how much would it cost to develop your own track and trace software.

Do you honestly need the burden? Why not outsource this logistical nightmare so you can get on with growing your business?

Yellow Express will research, tailor, configure and maintain the perfect transport solution for your business. For less money – and an extraordinary amount of less time – than what it would cost you to setup and maintain the fleet yourself.

And although we orchestrate the entire process for you, you play an integral role in the recruitment and vehicle selection process.

We really do provide you with everything. From highly trained drivers (including relief drivers to cover holidays and unexpected sick leave) and modern fully tracked vehicles, to the use of our leading edge technology so you’re in full control of the delivery process, you can hand over the entire fleet management with confidence.

Better yet, there’s no need to modify your existing software and systems. We can seamlessly upload manifests from your software directly into our system. Bingo.

We’re perfectly suited to any business with a company owned fleet, and we’ve extensive experience and expertise in the auto spare parts industry.

Still not convinced? We’ll even provide you with a FREE full transport audit of your current transport operation. You’ll see the hard evidence on paper. So is there really a choice to make?

Ph. 1300 YELLOW (1300 935 569) now to book your free audit.