Standing the test of time

Yellow Express has been ‘deliverin’ it since 1926’. We have been around the block a few times and grown to become a modern and technologically advanced fleet.

Our old fashioned values of true customer service has allowed us to thrive for such an extraordinary length of time in the cut-throat world of couriers and transport. Over the years we’ve always struck the careful balance between speed and friendly service to bring you a quality time critical courier offering.

Some highlights of our past…

  • Yellow Express helped haul steel pieces of the Sydney Harbour Bridge during its construction
  • Yellow Express helped moved Sir Charles Kingsford –Smith’s infamous ‘Southern Cross’ plane – the one he made the world’s first first trans-Pacific flight from the US to Australia on
  • Yellow Express holds the Australian record for the largest indivisible load ever carried – it was a huge boiler, trucked all the way from the docks in Sydney to Newcastle!

Check out some of our historic images below.

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