Because you insure your property whilst at your business or house against loss, accidental damage and theft, you should take the same precautions whilst it is being transported.

Whilst we pride ourselves in taking the up most care of you possessions, Yellow Express Pty Limited is not a Common Carrier, therefore we carry your items at your risk. Yellow Express assumes no liability over your goods during transport of them. If you have commercial goods, valuables or irreplaceable items then we always advise that you take out insurance for each delivery.

The Financial Services Reform Act now prohibits any company from offering insurance without a licence. Only insurance agents can offer this service. Two of the more commonly used insurance companies for transport and removals are;

Associated Marine

Please view their website for the nearest branch number

Removals Insurance (Allianz)

Ph. 1300 880 253

Whilst the above names are listed for your convenience we can not endorse their products or services, and recommend you complete your own research into the best protection for you. They offer one off policies and also annual policies.

It is better to be safe than sorry. You would not drive a car without insurance and you should not transport your goods without insurance. And it may cost less than you think.

We also recommend you read our Conditions of Carriage regarding the transportation of your goods as these are the terms and conditions each and every delivery will be made under.

If you have more questions please contact the Operations Manager or Office Manager at Yellow Express on Ph. 1300 YELLOW (1300 935 569).