Listen up all accounts!

Your Yellow account code plus Yellow Express means no callout fee

To thank all of our fantastic Yellow account customers we offer you and your staff a very special deal. Simply mention your account code when booking your removal job and we will waive the ordinary ‘call out’ charge per move.

That’s real savings in your back pocket. Save a half-hour per move. If your company has 1 employee or 10,000, no problem. They are all eligible to take advantage of this special. And it does not matter if you spend $1 or $10,000 per month. All our wonderful account customers qualify.

Yellow Express has a skilled and diverse removals fleet ready to move your home or your office. Not just a courier company we have a comprehensive removals service and a diverse range of vehicles to tackle the smallest photocopier between floors to the biggest 5 bedroom mansion for the MD.

Quality removals from a company you trust at a reasonable rate. Simple. Spread the word to any employee of your company, they are all entitled to a little thanks from us!

Product Weekday Saturday Sunday
Studio Hop (Lite) save $50 save $60 save $65
Studio Hop save $55 save $65 save $70
King Kong save $65 save $75 save $80
Prices above are GST exclusive

Check out our removals website below for more details on our products, or click here for a brief overview of our removal services.

Terms and Conditions

  1. You can use this offer for your company’s office move, or a private move which is personally paid for by an employee;
  2. Upon booking you must mention the account code and have it validated;
  3. We need proof of your employment (e.g. fax a company letterhead, or email with a company signature);
  4. Offer is only available on Studio Hop (Lite), Studio Hop and King Kong.

We look forward to servicing our favourite clients and their staff soon! Enjoy.