Live access online. Big Brother style.

When we say live access online, we mean live access online. To the second.

Software and technology

From the moment you book your delivery through our secure web portal, you're in control. You know where your driver is at any given second, who signed for your delivery as soon as it happens and how your account is looking.

Our sophisticated, cutting-edge technology doesn't rely on drivers ferrying paperwork or downloading data back at base as a standard courier would do. Our entire fleet is efficiently controlled with data-transmitting handheld technology so all your data is uploaded the second it's created.

But our software is so much more than live GPS tracking. It also gives you the ability to:

Book online within minutes, 24 hours per day

Say goodbye to the telephone and listening to endless hold music and hello to instant and simple online bookings. Make your booking even quicker by saving and managing your frequent addresses.

For courier run work, our data uploader can utilise run manifest information outputted directly from your warehouse software system - without a single modification from your end. Paper run sheets, you ask? A thing of the past. All data is uploaded into our servers and transmitted down to our handheld technology.

Reference every single delivery we've archived securely for you

If you need to check up on a past job or statement, forget searching incessantly through your files. Produce what you're looking for immediately, right back to our very first delivery for you. You can then email this data – including the signature image - to your customer verifying your successful delivery.

Show your customers you're serious about their business

No longer will you meekly provide a vague window of delivery time, making your customer impatiently wait. Tell your customer with confidence exactly where their delivery is, and what time it will arrive using our ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) request function and streaming live maps. How good will you look.

The right parcel every time

Our handheld technology can scan on and scan off parcels to ensure ultra secure deliveries, dramatically reducing the risk of a mix up. We tailor our own goods verification system to suit your own software and systems, again, without a single modification to your end.

Why not let us chat to you about how our technology can improve your business? Ph 1300 YELLOW (1300 935 569). We would be happy to live demonstration of the power of our technology.

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